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    Social Innovation That Fought Hunger: Mid-Day Meal

    Can free meals provided at schools improve student attendance and reduce the dropout rates?  Indians would know.  Back in 1920s, the Mayor of Madras in India introduced the scheme of one anna breakfast for students in one school.  One anna was a unit of Indian currency – it is now defunct – an anna was INR 0.06. The programme was discontinued by the British governmen...

    January 18, 2021
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    How the Attention Economy Works?

    A while ago when the Social Dilemma documentary was released on Netflix, almost everyone was egging everyone else to watch it. “Did you watch it?”, “Watch it. Watch it, now!” were some instructions I got every time from some of my friends in September when it was released.  I watched it, and while it was...

    November 11, 2020
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    What is Cyber Safety?

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our offline tasks have moved online, making us spend more time online, isn’t it? For instance, working from home, shopping, watching movies, ordering food, bank transactions, ordering groceries and medicines, and the list goes on. This situation has made cyber safety crucial as your family and...

    November 3, 2020


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